We are offering FREE virtual adaptive dance classes!

Classes are via private zoom meetings (all safety settings appropriately engaged)


4:00-4:30pm:  Creative Movement (preschool age)

4:30-5:15pm:  Adaptive Dance (school age)

5:15 -6:00pm:  Teen Performance Group

6:00pm:  Teen Talk


11:00-11:30am:  Creative Movement (preschool age):

11:30-12:00pm:  Adaptive Dance (school age)





Adaptive dance for people with special needs

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy dance!  Our classes are expertly designed by a physical therapist, making our classes the most beneficial program possible for each dancer.  We work hard, have lots of fun, and make lots of new friends!  

About Us

Dream. Dance. Inspire.  

We have adaptive dance classes throughout the greater Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio.  Students can join one of our have specialized dance teams or programs including our IDA Competition Team, Cavs No Limits Dance Team, Teen Performance Group, and much more.    


Our classes are expertly designed by a pediatric physical therapist who is able to help each dancer reach their full potential through dance!

Our program offers all the physical benefits of exercise, and our culture of positivity, encouragement, and acceptance allows each dancer to socialize with their peers and build self-esteem.  Our dancers become our family, and lifelong friendships are made!  


Why choose adaptive dance at

Inspirations Dance Academy?

Our adaptive programming is expertly designed by a physical therapist who understands the unique needs of each dancer.  Because of this, we are able to help each of our students achieve their highest potential.  Most people with disabilities do not get the recommended amount of physical activity.  This can lead to a variety of health concerns including weakness, muscle tightness, debility, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  Our adaptive dance classes offer people with disabilities a chance to participate in fitness designed to specifically benefit them, have fun, and make friends!  Our classes are light-hearted and fun, but don't let that fool you... our students work hard!


Improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, functional skills, and endurance. Develop social skills, build self esteem, and make lifelong friends.

Professional Expertise

Expertly designed by a pediatric physical therapist.  We create a safe program with benefits catered to individual needs and strengths.  We are able to compliment therapy goals so that each dancer reaches their highest potential.

Free Trial

Schedule a free trial class!  You can join an ongoing class at any time throughout the year!  


Parent of IDA Dancer

Dance has been amazing for my daughter.  She is stronger and more coordinated, and the confidence and happiness I see when she walks into class is priceless!  She also got invited to her first party with her dance friends!

Pediatric Physiatrist

This program is special because it gives kids the opportunity to exercise in a fun way.  The benefits are just unlimited.  

IDA Dancer

I don't know what I would do without dance and without Miss Kellie.  Dance is my happy place where I can just fit in and have fun.  Miss Kellie is amazing and makes each of us feel so loved.