Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of class styles to fit every dancer's needs.  Dancers of any physical ability level are able to fully participate in any of our classes.  If you have any questions about what class is the best fit, we are happy to help!


Creative Movement

Ages:  4+

Filled with fun dance-based games and movement activities.  Great for kids with short attention spans who need direction to stay on task.  Students will learn basic adapted dance moves (styles include ballet, jazz, hip hop) and will learn a simple choreographed routine for our recital!  



Ages 6+

Learn adaptive dance technique and choreographed routines.  All ability levels are able to fully participate.  Students should be able to follow directions the majority of the time (but can require physical assistance to participate).  We will learn many styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical.  

Everybody Dance Now

Ages 4+

This class combines fun dance based activities with basic adaptive dance technique and choreography.  This class is available in select locations in which we are only able to offer one class.   We combine the best parts of both of our classes into one class "Everybody Dance Now" for all ages and interests.




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