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Special Needs Blog Posts You Have to Check Out

Check out my list of favorite blogs for special needs parents. Whether you're looking for information, inspiration, humor, or just to know you aren't alone... these blogs deliver!

1. Noah's Dad

Noah's dad tells the story of his son with Down syndrome through one-minute videos. He has created an online narrative to help other parents of children with Down syndrome that its not as scary or sad as many may believe. These videos will steal your heart and help you to see the positive and hope that celebrate life with Down syndrome brings.

2. BLOOM - Parenting for kids with disability

This blog is hosted by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. The site is bright and easy to navigate and includes clearly divided sections for: Parent Talk, Clinical Care, Adaptive Living, Latest Research, In the News, Personal Stories, and Videos. In this day and age when any and everyone can post medical advice, I love that this blog is hosted by experts. It includes a lot of interesting research topics as well!

3. Parenting Special Needs Magazine

This is an online magazine geared specifically for the special needs community. The site provides practical tips, sharing life's lessons, tackling the challenges, and celebrate the successes and joys. This is a full-service magazine covering all the topics you care about!

4. Words I Wheel By

Emily Landau was born with Larsen syndrome, a genetic condition. She has been a disability advocate since the age of 10 when she appeared on Sesame Street to talk about her condition with Big Bird and others! Today, she is an Adelphi University graduate, speaker, and published writer for a variety of publications including The New York Times!

5. Living With Bob

I love a good inspirational story! But if one more inspirational story (while you are in the midst of the ugly side of living with a disability) might just push you over the edge, check out this blog! The author is diagnoses with Dysautonomia, which she calls "Bob" because "have you ever tried to spell "dysautonomia?" She doesn't take life too seriously, and instead chooses to "face the car-fest that is her health with a large dose of humor."

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